"Freedom March" Photos 
September through November 2015

Cauliflower prep...one average sized cauliflower usually yields about 5 cups of shredded veg.:

Pasta sauce...double batch from lasagna recipe.  
Made 10 cups of sauce.  
Jarred and froze seven, used three for tonight's dinner (pasta for my guys, cauliflower for me).
Pasta was already divided into individual servings (8 per 1lb box, slightly over 1/2c dry),

so it was a breeze to cook just enough for them.

Freezer ease:
~~small jars are taco meat
~~tall jars are pasta sauce
1c plastic containers have single servings of cauliflower in one stack, diced chicken in another

One of these containers usually yields about 5 servings
(one is missing because it was this morning's breakfast.)

Prepping ahead of time is vital for snackers!
Yellow bag on left is pork rinds, separated into baggies of single servings.
Clear tray always holds single servings of cashews and dark chocolate chips.

Hard boiled eggs always at the ready for quick protein.
Clear containers store them unpeeled.
Square containers have them peeled and ready to grab quickly.

Have recently switched to going ahead and peeling the eggs all at once,
to make them an easier "grab and go" snack/meal. 

Clear container usually has baggies of either grapes or sliced strawberries.
1/2c square containers hold canned (no sugar added) peaches.